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The ripening process of our bananas typifies the high standard of service we provide to all our banana customers. The care and attention we put in at this stage is what makes our bananas become sweeter and better to eat. This combined with our ripeners' +100 years of experience between them is what, we believe, makes our Bananas vastly superior.

Our bananas are imported, as with all bananas into the UK, in a dormant state. We then wake them up within our ripening facilities and our specialists ensure they meet the required specifications of our customers' request and are in perfect condition for the end consumers.

We currently have 2 ripening facilities in England, one North and the other in the South, and our daily focus is to serve our customers in a timely fashion while providing an optimum quality product.

Our reach doesn’t just stop in the UK and through the CF Group network we now have the ability to offer ripening across Europe through 17 faciliteis:

  • 4 ripening facilities via CF Spain
    Asturias, Barcelona, Madrid and Seville
  • 9 ripening facilities via CF France
    Chatteaurenard, Bordeaux, Lyon, Rennes, Rungis, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Perpignan and Lille
  • 1 ripening facility via CF Portugal
  • 1 ripening facility via CF Hungary
  • 2 ripening facilities via CF UK
    Wigan and Dartford

We also have a unique partnership with Global Fruit Company Ltd, in Dublin, who provide us with a specialist ripening service in Ireland.

  • A large ripening network in Europe (17 ripening centres)

European Ripening Centers


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