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Our Vision & Fair Trade Products

Our Vision

CFUK operates across the entire fresh produce supply chain, from farm to end consumer, which allows us to be both innovative and the first to market. We pride ourselves on being one of the only suppliers to the UK that own their own farms.

Through our sister companies, established affiliates and long-term grower relationships our organisation is able to offer our customers a breadth and depth of products, combined with expertise and creative ideas to meet their needs in this challenging arena.

Through our People, CFUK will be the first choice for discerning customers for their product supply and service provision needs within the markets in which we operate. Coupled with our extensive own grower base we believe that it is our people that make our business both different and unique in the market place.

The Fairtrade market


With our sourcing strategy focused on the needs of the future, as a group we have developed a long-term plan for the sustainability of produce and our responsibilities to the welfare of our growers.

As part of the CF Group we have recently achieved a very big milestone, in the growing and cultivating of Bananas and Pineapples under Fairtrade accreditation in Cameroon and Ghana. We are the only supplier to the UK to offer two farms, from two countries accredited to serve the Global market with Fairtrade produce from our own production.

Golden Exotics Ltd in Ghana was our first Fairtrade International (FLO) certified farm to receive the coveted Fairtrade status, soon followed by our second farm Plantations du Haut Penja (PHP) in Cameroon.

We believe that it’s this ability to focus on the now but continue to invest in the future sustainability of the farmers needs that will make us stand out from our competitors.

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