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The Group

In October 2008 CFUK was acquired by CF Group and were integrated seamlessly into their world-renowned supply chain. We are a now part of the vibrant and innovative CF Group.

Compagnie Fruitiere is based in Marseilles, France and is one of the world’s leading importers of fresh produce from West Africa. The company was founded in 1939 and the business continues to operate a number of its own farms across Africa, managing the whole chain from seed to container. The acquisition of CFUK become the last piece of the puzzle to provide the fully integrated supply chain model in the UK.

Dole is still part of the family and with Compagnie Fruitiere now in control, the two organisations have become powerful allies in ensuring that both businesses offer their respective customers the best produce that the world can offer.

We retained links with our partners in Dole Food Inc., with the companies enjoying a 'fruitful' relationship over the last 20 years.

In 2008 the CF Group also acquired Dole Fresh France. In 2011 the group acquired Dole Fresh Spain and Dole Fresh Portugal, and in doing so ensured comprehensive ripening and distribution facilities across Europe.

The Group

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