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Tax Strategy

This statement sets out Compagnie Fruitiere UK Limited’s (“CFUK”) tax strategy and has been published in accordance with its duties under the Finance Act 2016.

It deals with all applicable taxes as set out in paragraph 15(1) of the Schedule and is effective from its date of publication until it is suspended.


CFUK is committed to full compliance with all statutory obligations and full disclosure to tax authorities in respect of its tax affairs.


The Compagnie Fruitiere Group believes that each group company should pay the tax due on its trading results in its trading jurisdiction and has clearly defined lines of responsibility for its tax affairs.

CFUK’s tax strategy is determined locally by the executive members of the board of directors, of which the Finance Director is responsible for the day to day management of its tax affairs.

Risk management

CFUK operates an overall internal control framework applicable to its financial reporting system and compliance with tax legislation. This is reviewed in light of business or legislative changes and at least annually as part of its reporting obligations.

Those responsible for parts of these processes are trained accordingly and where necessary, advice is sought from KPMG LLP, the company’s tax advisor.

Tax planning

CFUK uses incentives and reliefs in line with, and in the spirit of the tax legislation to minimise the tax cost of doing business. CFUK seeks to achieve a level of certainty in its tax affairs whilst ensuring the right amount of tax is paid in line with prevailing UK legislation. All planning activities have a genuine business purpose and commercial rationale.

Relationship with HMRC

CFUK commits to an open and transparent relationship. CFUK makes fair, accurate and timely disclosure in its correspondence and returns, with all interactions with HMRC being conducted in an open, collaborative and professional manner.

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